myhomefiling key features

With myhomefiling, we’ve tried to cram as many useful features in as we could; but at the same time, we’ve tried really hard to make sure that for you, the user, everything is accessible with ease.

Here are some of the most impressive things about myhomefiling that we think you’ll take a real shine to:

  • Blisteringly fast searching of your documents
  • Search and highlight terms in PDF documents
  • Scan documents in bulk to file at a later date
  • Reminder system so you don’t forget to action important documents
  • Documents can be stored in the pre-defined locations or you can create your own
  • Documents can be found by searching for any word in any document
  • Store Microsoft Office documents or most types of image file
  • Dedicated viewer for internet documents
  • Supported on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 operating systems
  • Scan single sided or double sided pages
  • Scans with almost all home scanners*
  • Import from a Watch Folder

So what are you waiting for? myhomefiling is free to try for 30 days, after 30 days it’ll only cost you $4.99 to buy. If you decide not to purchase a licence, you’ll still be able to use myhomefiling to retrieve anything you’ve filed, you just won’t be able to add anything else to the Vault until you do.

*your scanner must ship with a TWAIN scanning driver, if you’re using something like the Fujitsu scan snap, you’ll need to use the Watch Folder.