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Can I use my scanner with myhomefiling?
In the majority of cases yes, you can. To be certain, check with your scanner documentation or on the manufacturers web site to see if the model you have supports TWAIN scanning

What do you mean in the previous answer where you state ‘majority of cases’?
Some popular scanners (the Fujitsu ScanSnap range) do not have a TWAIN driver, which means that you cannot use them directly with third part applications such as myhomefiling. In v3.0 and higher of myhomefiling, you can now set up a Watch Folder, which you can use with devices such as the Fujitsu ScanSnap.

Are there any “pre-requisities” for myhomefiling?
myhomefiling does require the Microsoft.NET 4 framework to run. If you don’t have this already, you’ll need to visit the Microsoft Update site to get it. If you are using the software on a Microsoft Windows XP machine, then you need to install this Microsoft update and this Microsoft update to use the new backup engine. If you don’t install the updates you will get an error message when the application starts.

Do I need to keep my paper documents?
Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, you will need to keep the paper documents (thank you Inland Revenue!). Thankfully, you can just box them up and put them in the loft out of the way knowing that the information is to hand in the myhomefiling Vault.

What image types can be imported into myhomefiling?
The majority of common image types can be imported into myhomefiling including PDF, GIF, TIF, JPG, BMP as well as some obscure types.

Do I need Microsoft Office installed if I want myhomefiling to file my Word and Excel documents with my scanned paper documents?
Indeed you do. myhomefiling relies on the Microsoft Office software to open the documents correctly.

What version of Microsoft Office do I need installed in order to allow myhomefiling to display my Word and Excel documents?
myhomefiling can work with any version of Microsoft Office from Office 2003 through to Office 2013.

The pre-defined filing structure is great, but I’d like to create my own. Is this possible?
From version 4, this is now possible.

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