We’re Back!

And it feels great! We took a little enforced break in the New Year – if you didn’t know, you can read all about it here – but with clarification on the rules, and a few tweeks on our part, all is right with the world again (well, as far as home filing goes anyway).

We’ve got some catching up to do with regards to the release schedule, but until we roll with our next major update, we have a beta version of the software available for you “early adopters”. Click on this link to download version 4.1.8 of myhomefiling.

You’ll also notice that we have a newly styled site up and running. After much searching to find something that ticked all of the boxes for our needs, we discovered this theme right under our noses.  We’re loving the minimal (& responsive) design. We hope you like it too?

Keep an eye on the blog/facebook/twitter for the latest updates on our release schedule for myhomefiling.

Introducing myhomefiling 4

It’s official, myhomefiling 4 is now available

We’ve been hinting that this release would land fairly soon, and today it has.  It’s been several months in the making as we’ve been working on our most requested feature, namely the ability to add your own Cabinets and Folders. Coupled with a some other large changes, we’ve deemed this release worthy enough of a major version number change, hence the 4, rather than a 3.x version.

The three main changes to the program are

  1. Create custom Cabinets and Folders
    You can now create up to 10 custom Cabinets with each Cabinet capable of storing 15 custom Folders, giving you a whopping 150 extra places to file your documents!
  2. Improved Reminders system
    Reminders have been in the program since version 2, but these haven’t really been used to full effect. From version 4, your reminders will now have more prominence in the program. Check out page 12 of the new user guide for further details
  3. Export Reminders to iCal format
    To go along with the improved reminders system, we’ve added the ability to export your reminders to the iCal format. These exports can be used with popular email and calendar programs (such as Microsoft Outlook) which will allow you to keep track of your reminders when you’re on the move (if you sync calendar’s with your mobile phone of online services)

There are also a whole raft of tweaks under the hood to make the program work just that little bit faster and also to address some bugs that have been reported since the last release.
If you’re already using a previous version of myhomefiling, then you ‘ll see an update notification the next time you start the program.  Or you can get the latest setup file from the download page.

We’ve also gone social, so you can now find us on Twitter and Facebook.  Follow us to find out the latest news as it happens.

myhomefiling.com site update is now live

All systems are go

If you’re reading this, then we’ve hit our milestones and our new site is up and running.  We’ll be the first to admit that the old site was getting a little long in the tooth, and it was high time we issued a refresh.  With the new site comes a new content management system, so you can expect frequent updates coming from the sales and marketing team.

What we are keen to push are video tutorials for myhomefiling.  We’ve got some basic tutorials lined up, but if there is a specific feature you’d like to see as a video tutorial, then please let us know.

The other big news is that if you’re reading this, then myhomefiling 4 is now also available to download.  This has some major changes that we hope you’ll really like.  If you keep an eye on the blog, then a full release statement will be going up shortly.