Maintenance Release 4.1.4 Available

Maintenance release 4.1.4 has been made available as of today. This release contains several changes to the help menu, where you’ll now find links to our Facebook  and Twitter pages, so you’re sure to be able to find us without too much trouble.  From this release we’re also increasing the trial period from 15 to 30 days for new installs.  There’s also a new feature that you should be aware of, and we’ve detailed that below.

  1. Move Vault – Only update Vault reference
    If you have previously moved your Vault to another location, for example your Dropbox folder, and you reinstall your myhomefiling software, to access your Vault again (using 4.1.3 and lower) you would first have to change the Vault location (which overwrites any existing files), and then you would have to restore your Vault from a backup file.  With this option selected, you can now “point” the software to an existing Vault without overwriting the database.

You can grab your copy of this latest release over on the download page, or if you’re using the software already, you will be prompted to download the latest release the next time you start the program up.